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Project Activities


1. Analysis and mapping of experiences of restorative justice and criminal mediation.

2. Analysis of the trials/penitentiary folders especially concerning the phases of evaluation, identification and application of the measure, pathway verification and final evaluation.
These activities will aim to identify pathways of excellence in the treatment (specifically concerning Restorative Justice and criminal mediation) of:
a) children (14-18 years) and young adults (18 – 25) borne by the juvenile justice system and
b) adults in execution of punishment that may have initiated pathways of reflection "about possible remedial actions for the consequences of the crime", subjects in suspended sentence, subjects committed to social services and in general, all the prisoners.

3. Analysis of the mediator system, their cultural profile, training and experience in the field.

4. Organisation of inter-professional focus groups in each participating country on the integrated work.

5. Organisation of multiagency focus groups in each participating country about Restorative Justice.
These activities aim to verify the system of the procedures used in the most representative cases above all in relation to inter-institutional networks (operators of the juvenile and ordinary justice, police, judges…) and to create a common vision about Restorative Justice and a working methodology shared by all the professionals and institutions. In particular, the inter-professional focus groups will involve the professionals working in the area of Restorative Justice and mediation without taking into account the agency (institution, organization, etc..) to which they belong. The goal is to work on the perception of the profession / professional on the subject.

6. Creation of a scientific-technical board for the monitoring of the actions.

7. Organization of seminars and / or study visits in the participating countries with the in-volvement of experts and institutions
These activities aim to encourage the inter-institutional and inter-governmental dialogue in order to promote a good level of communication and exchange of good practices.


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